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day 7 of juice fast

Hi there!

this week has gone by so very quickly! I am unsure if I'm stopping completely - actually I think I'm going back to the modified Fuhrman thing. That seems to suit me very well. I feel pretty good so a part of me wants to continue because I am not experiencing what I've experienced in the past. It was funny because after I did the 10 day juice fast, I thought I'd do 7 because that seemed to be more doable. I didn't have a desire to do it again for a while. This time it was like a spur of the moment thing. You see, I had planned on attending Hippocrates program that was to begin 2/17. It didn't work out for me to go and I was really REALLY upset about that. I had so wanted to be taken care of - I wanted to be given a program and food and told, "Do this."

I decided to just do it myself (as usual) LOL. So here I go. Because this program would have either been 3-9 weeks, I'm dedicating this time to myself in this way. I figure if I had been at hippocrates, I'd probably be on a cleanse for at least a week and then a modified program including juices, wheat grass, etc. So, I'll do that for myself and I'll keep posting.

morning juice:

2 stalks celery
a whole lotta baby spinach
radish sprouts
1 pineapple (shared a bit with the kiddos)
4 oranges

This time I kept the greens separate and only included a little bit of the sweet juice in it (enough that I could tolerate it) - it was yummy! Then I drank the sweet stuff. I probably should have switched it but I wanted to have the delight of the pineapple orange juice as a kind of treat.

lunch juice

actually, I made a smoothie! I liked yesterday's so much:

2 bananas
1 local apple
2 cups local blueberries
heaps of baby spinach

I shared this with the kids. It was fresh and delicious. tasted like fruit.

dinner juice:

3 stalks celery
1/3 cuke
2 oz radish sprouts
heaps and heaps of baby spinach (can you tell I ran out of other greens today?)
3 plum tomatoes

I gotta say, I love my dinner juice with the 1/2 avocado, miso, dulse and hot sauce in it.

So, that was the day! OH Confession! This afternoon I made the kids some lunch and I tried some. (Had to test it to see if it was good and then I had a couple more bites!) It's always pretty interesting to taste things after a fast. The flavors are way more pronounced. I also felt pretty stuffed by those few bites. That was amazing.

I rode on the bike for a while (45 minutes on the circuit training program, level 11) and got a good sweat in. I wished that I had done more sweating this week. I'll be sure to get more sweats in somehow in the coming 8 weeks. (Might as well go for 8 weeks now)

well, I'm going to sleep. thanks for reading. let me know what your favorite juices are. I am grateful for this break and I look forward to continuing on in some really good way that makes me feel oh so juicy.

lots of love,

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day 5

well today I woke up feeling like shit. Pardon my expression. My nose doesn't want to do anymore VT winters, I swear! I also didn't get a whole lotta sleep last night so I was feeling slightly low energy in the morning. I did some yoga to help myself feel "on top" of my game, as much as I could. I drank some water and made a juice. today I am coming to notice, too, that this is a lot of liquid to drink and I'm getting full from the juices a lot sooner. the morning's juice: a bunch of kale 2 small carrots (to help the machine work) 4-5 oranges (so glad I'm digging these oranges as I got a case on sale last week!) lunch juice: a head of lettuce 1 carrot 3 apples 2 oranges dinner: 1/3 cuke a bunch of kale 2 carrots 3 plum tomatoes again, I put this in the vitamix with 1/2 avocado, a small handful of dulse flakes and some miso and hot sauce. I made it extra spicy as I really liked that a couple nights ago. I drank it down easily and am here now writing this. I had dinner at 6 pm and here it is 9:30 - I am getting those similar feelings like I had this morning. Tired and feeling slightly flu like. I might do an enema before bed to help pull this out. I know that more water would be good to drink each day but it really is a lot of liquid that I'm drinking already and it's just difficult to drink anymore. I'm off to bed! all love, Linda
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day 2 juice fast

it's a cold day today. woke up at 8:45 - slept well - better than the last few weeks, very grateful for that. I went downstairs around 9:30 after having done my morning meditations. wasn't hungry much but was experiencing sinus drainage in my right sinus. This is the nostril that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now - the air is so dry and the woodstove is drying. I have been keeping water on the stove for steam and a humidifier going on top of that but still, the insides of my nose is dry and cracked. I've been using the neti pot and also using ALL HEAL SALVE to help moisturize my nose and this morning, it was draining a bit. I had about 16 oz of tea this morning - did the smooth move again - not really sure why exactly except, I have this notion in me that it's good for me to clear all this shit out (metaphorically and literally speaking!) LOL Somewhere around 11:30 or so I made a big juice. I looked at the greens and fruit that I have on hand and the oranges were still speaking to me. This is interesting because I haven't had citrus in AGES. morning juice: 1 stalk celery 1 bunch kale 6 oranges I slurped it all down and it was quite yummy. we took the dogs out and then I decided to ride the bike. I did 50 minutes on the stationary bike, level 12 (out of 16) on the cross training program. It felt very good to get on the bike and ride. It's a recumbant bike which has been very helpful for my back and sacrum over the years. Still, one day, I hope to have a stair master. I love those things. after the bike, I took a hot bubbly epsom salt bath. I languished in it while I read and read. I could have stayed in there for hours but a knock on my door told me it was time to get out. I made another juice around 3:30. it's wild - I go from completely satiated to incredibly hungry very very quickly. When I got out of the tub, I felt famished. afternoon juice: 4 ounces radish sprouts 2 stalks celery 6 oranges I don't know what it is, but those oranges were still speaking to me. I drank down that delicious juice and went over to a woman's group that I belong to. Had a wonderful couple of hours of sharing and support with phenomenal women and then walked home. It was around 6:30 when I got home and probably because of the dinner smells in the house, I got extremely hungry. I decided to have a savory juice since those things are so friggin satisfying on juice fasts for dinner experiences. This juice was delicious. dinner juice: 2 stalks celery 1 bunch kale 1 zucchini 4 carrots then I put it in a blender and added 1/2 avocado and a small bit of raw marinara sauce that needed to get eaten or else it would go bad. I also added some dulse and a spoonful of miso. It was absolutely delicious. Tasted like an italian dinner. This really helps me to feel sated and not deprived. About an hour after dinner, I decided to have more tea. This time throat coat tea - it tastes delicious and is sweet all on its own. It's a cold night and the house is cold despite the wood stove going so the tea feels good in my hands and in my mouth. Some observations thus far: 1) Aside from the drainage of sinus and also the um need to be near the bathroom, I am doing quite well thus far. I don't think I've gone on a fast where I've had to use the bathroom as much and I know that the tea is helping (although I've never had that fast a response from that tea before.) OK, TMI. Anyway, we'll see what the next day brings but so far, so good. I'm not sure how long I'll do this for - no more than 7 days, maybe less. I'm going to play this by ear and take each day in earnest. 2) I'm sensing some clarity which I'm very grateful for... Circumstances in my life have been full, intense and at times emotional. I was hoping to go away and have time to think and have someone else take care of food and other things for me but I'm finding a way to do that myself. I was also noticing that when the going was getting rough, I was finding that I was not responding the way I wanted to. Wayne Dyer has a great saying and it goes like this: When you squeeze an apple, all you'll ever get is apple juice. When you squeeze an orange, you'll get orange juice. What happens when you get squeezed? what comes out of you? Well for me, I was noticing that I was turning pretty sad and mad at myself and that shit just had to change. 3) I am getting a sense of rebooting the system. I was mentally and physically feeling stuck for almost a month and feeling as though I was spiraling down to a place I didn't want to be. Physically I was experiencing some kind of crazy immune response - maybe it was the dry weather coupled with stress but I was getting little tiny bumps on my fingers and toes in the last few weeks. By the time of this writing, these bumps are nearly gone (only 2 days of juice feasting!) Whoever says that this is bull-melarky needs to try it for themselves in earnest. It's pretty amazing. My nose is way better tonight than it's been the last 3 weeks. I'm very grateful for this. 4) It's pretty darn easy this time to juice and drink. I've asked Matt if he can handle the dinners for him/the kids this week and that I think will make things easier for me. I'm not putting a whole lot of thought into this. I'm just reaching for things that seem appealing to me and doing them. I'm not staying to some strict amount and I really enjoyed the half of avocado tonight so I'll do that again if it seems like a good thing to do. I'm drinking a minimum of 96 oz of juice - more like 100 oz and also drinking tea or water but (not surprisingly) I'm not that thirsty for extra liquids. 5) I was wondering how doing this in the winter would be and so far, so good. I'll keep you posted. I don't believe the hype that we need hot food in the winter. I tend to think that if we eat things that are easily digestible then our bodies are not bogged down in the digestion process as much and can put more emphasis into things like circulation. Think about how tired you feel after a heavy meal, it's because the body slows other things down in order to put a big focus on the stomach to digest the food. I'm not saying that is a terrible feeling - I'm just saying that it would be hard for the body to have to keep warm, digest meals and do other things like keep immune systems up and healthy. I still get cold when I eat raw foods - I just find that I don't get that shut down feeling that I do when I eat heavy cooked meals that weigh me down and make me sleepy. I tend to feel VERY cold after a cooked meal at night. Even when that meal has curry or ginger in it... 6) So far, I'm not missing all the sweets and chocolate I've been eating lately. No matter how far I've come with emotional eating, I still have triggers - when stress comes, I notice that I tend towards sweets. And the past few months, I've been going gang busters with sweets (compared with how I normally like to eat, or how I eat when I feel the very best in my body.) I sort of think this takes a toll on the liver as well as immune function. We know that eating sugar suppresses the immune system. We also know that sugar feeds/fuels things like obesity and disease. We can gravitate to sweet tastes for many reasons. I learned that fruits are the cleansers for the body and greens are the healers. I know many fruitarians that espouse great things from eating a diet of mainly fruit. I'm not there, however, I like not making fruit evil. It seems to me that if ripe fruit was so bad, nature wouldn't have created it for us to eat. I would love to see the studies on how fruit and green juices help in healing. Maybe one day I'll be a part of a study in some way. I write this from my experience doing this... So, ok - I'm rambling. It's nice to get some of these thoughts out. More tomorrow.
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a bit of the experience so far - day 3 of juice fast

I thought I'd write a bit more than just what we are drinking, although recipes are fun for me.

This is the start of day 3 and I'm sleeping very well so far. Sleeping very soundly. Funnily enough I had a dream last night about eating olives and almond butter. I'm definitely missing fat but from my perspective, I have enough fat on my body which I'd rather "eat" first with this fast. There is something in the mind that makes us get a little panicky when the stomach starts to gurgle and groan in hunger. When that happens, it's good to take a deep breath, drink some water and relax. Tell yourself that another juice is coming soon and all really is well in the moment right now. Then do something else to get your mind on something more productive.

I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I normally do. It was the busy-ness of the day that aided in my neglecting myself with regards to drinking water. This morning I drank 16 oz of water, then had a juice and have almost finished a quart of water. It's nearing time for me to make another juice. This morning for sure I felt a bit cranky. I'm at the part of my cycle where I'm longing for chocolate. I have a slight headache and feel like detox is in fact happening. There's a slight feeling like you get when you're about to get a cold or the flu - like lymph nodes are a little sore and feeling a little foggy and cranky. I also am noticing a little bit of phlegm in my throat on occasion which is interesting. I'm going to be sure to drink lots and lots of water today to flush this out. Plus I will take a vigorous walk or ride the bike to help sweat things out. This would be a good time to do an enema or get a colonic, too, but I don't have that in the plans for today. Another good thing, too, would be to rest and take a nap. Boy that actually sounds good to me right now.

This is the just like anything else that one goes through to try to better themselves and/or their health. Sometimes it feels worse before it feels better. Have you ever given up smoking, drinking or drinking coffee? Somewhere around day 3 or 4, it can be pretty awful, but if you get yourself over that, it gets easier and the rewards are great. So it's good to take stock in it as well as what is feeling good because there's plenty of that too. Thankfully what I feel today is NOTHING like giving up smoking or drinking or drinking coffee. Been there. Done that. I've graduated. :-)

What I'm feeling is much greater ease to move and walk up the stairs and get up and down from sitting. Inflammation is easing up in my hips and I'm super extremely grateful for any ease I feel in my hips and back. I feel lighter and I have lost weight so far. I haven't checked the scale today but was down 4 lbs yesterday. I'm feeling more MOTIVATED to keep a forward momentum going. There's not a lot bogging me down to stay on the couch and kvetch. And not even kvetch verbally - it's like my body is kvetching because it hurts and wants to just stay still. The lightness in my body is deeply gratifying. There's also a lot of clarity of mind: being able to see one's patterns and bad habits/behaviors with regards to food/eating is a big one. I've been working very diligently to eat mostly for nourishment and less because of emotions, boredom or rewards. I work very diligently to eat mindfully and I have noticed in these last 3 days that it's pretty easy to spot the mindless grabs for a snack when I'm hungry during the day. On day 1 it was kind of funny to see my hand reaching for the bag of cheezy cauliflower snacks that I've got at the cafe. Yesterday it was the cherry tomatoes and blueberries that came in the Farm to Table order that were attracting my attention.

So the observations are great. It's also wonderful to feel hungry. It appears that I've had a slow metabolism for quite a while and I typically like to/need to exercise regularly to help keep things less sluggish. It's been nice to be hungry and feel like I'm metabolizing like I see other people doing (like "normal" people.) LOL

All-in-all, this is a positive experience for me so far and I'll keep you posted on how things continue to progress.

Thanks for reading!

oh P.S.! A wonderful little drink has been a shot of coconut kefir water that I made along with some young coconut water. It's tangy and sweet, slightly carbonated and very hydrating. YUM, can't wait to have that at the cafe.

P.P.S. I'm down another 2 lbs!

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afternoon and evening juices - day two continued

first day at work for the week and I was once again short staffed so it's not the easiest to do. Mainly because I have lots of things I want to do but have to totally let them go as they just don't get done. I wanted to make kim chee and some pesto with the produce I have but had to put it on the back burner to help customers and pack up orders, etc. Thankfully our sewing maven Catherine helped me here and there. Matt helped too when he could. I had 15 minutes left to get a whole bunch of stuff done and my daughter dropped and splattered a green smoothie everywhere. I mention this only because in that 15 minutes I was desperate to make my juice before we had to leave (we had an appt in Burlington which is about an hour away) and the green smoothie she had splattered all over the floor and walls and counter where my juicer was. (I also wanted to get the compost out, wash all the dishes, put all the things away for the night that didn't get done, etc. A lot to try to accomplish in 15 minutes but I was motivated to do it before the smoothie bomb.) So needless-to-say, I had to take some deep breaths and change direction. I was still desperate for my juice because I was very hungry but I didn't want to be snapping. Instead I felt like crying. Day two and I'm definitely having moments of emotions getting to me. I'll back up a little bit to the start of the day. I exercised and did about 5.6 miles or so on the stationary bike. I made an incredible juice. it was THE BEST JUICE to drink and I'm now quite grateful for that Hurom slow juicer I got a few months ago. It does pulpy fruit very nicely and I'm not complaining that it makes those kind of juices like a thick nectar. This is what I did (if I remember correctly) Afternoon Lunch juice - best ever (this made 2 16ish ounces of loveliness)
  • 1 big bunch of local curly kale (from the garden)
  • 1 red bell pepper (because I had it)
  • 2 stalks of celery (because I had it)
  • 4-6 peaches
  • 2 oranges
It was amazingly incredible. The best juice all day by far. OK, so drank that gorgeous peach nectar and went to work. There was no easing into the day (there hardly ever is) so I just went right into it. Helping customers, packing orders, answering phones, making food. Somewhere around 4 pm I started to get hungry again but still had customers I had to help. 5:45 rolled around and I thought it would be a good time to make a juice. That's when the smoothie went KABOOM and that's when I felt like crying. I didn't cry though. We cleaned up. I made my juice. Someone came in at 5:55 and then I wanted to cry again but thankfully she was self-sufficient and it was quick to be able to close the doors and get to my juice and get out the door to the appointment. Dinner juice
  • 1 big huge bunch of kale from the garden
  • 4 granny smith apples
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 4-5 carrots
  • 1 small cuke
this was a yummy juice that hit the spot. We went to our appt in Burlington and had to make a pit stop to PEE! OMG, the peeing has been amazing so far! We got home and we were both feeling hungry AGAIN so it was time for another juice. We're definitely used to eating the heaviest meals at night and this is something to change if we can. Evening juice - interesting flavors
  • 1 lb local baby lettuce mix
  • 1 small bunch local mint
  • 2 granny smith apples
  • 3 ripe mangos
  • 1 small cuke
  • 1 red bell pepper (because it was the last one)
the mint dominated the flavor. Next was the mango. If I were to make this again, I'd keep the cuke out as that was the third flavor and I didn't necessarily like it. But I've got to say that juicing feels like instant nutrition. Hit the spot. So this gets me to the end of the night of Day two. So far, so good.
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This just came in my inbox and it's too good not to share

If there was a link to this article, I'd share it. It came in my inbox. Sproutman's website is This is such a good little ditty to read and remind ourselves for the holiday feasting that we are embarking on and have been since November! :-) OK, here's the article. Thank you sproutman for sending it to me so's I could share it! ++++++++++++++++++++ The Ten Commandments of Holiday Feasting or How to Manage Getting up from the Table after the Big Meal By Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman® Ahh...The Power of Food. Sometimes food can be as addictive as drugs—ginseng, strawberries, and oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs and sugar in the form of ice cream or chocolate has been known to entrap even the most stoic personality. This is especially true at big holiday parties, family gatherings, and celebrations like New Years Eve, where Decadence, Mirth, and Overindulgence meet. Of course, it is fine to go expansive as long as you don’t go explosive! Procter and Gamble sells more Pepto-Bismol at the end of the year than any other time. So, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, bloating, diarrhea are too often the results of our partying habits. But they don’t have to be. As we discussed in the pre-Thanksgiving “Holiday Overeating” newsletter, the overpowering influence of lots of food, lots of friends, and lots of family, can swamp our normal levels of discipline. The human palate, don’t forget, is a magical circuit board of nerve endings, taste sensations, memories, and programming built from years of associations with both good and bad habits. So it’s not unusual for even the most disciplined among us to be challenged under these circumstances. That’s why we need a plan. Holiday Survival Strategy Perhaps you’re thinking: “I’m going to be fine. I don’t need a strategy.” Well, maybe so. But better to be prepared. You never know when that heavy cream chocolate mousse will seep into your temporal lobe and before you know it you’re “whipped” and the yolk’s on you! I say: protect yourself and establish a strategy just like the army does before a battle. There is no substitute for planning. The Ten Commandments 1. Keep Smiling and Talking Instead of Chewing. (But no talking while you’re chewing!) People are more important than pastries. So the more talking and smiling you do, the less you’ll eat. Good cheer is good for digestion. On the other hand, anger and depression chill your furnace. So, try laughing at your uncle’s jokes even if you don’t want to. You may be able to eat more. 2. Small Mouthfuls, Small Portions. The average stomach is a 12 by 6 inch sack. But because it is elastic, it expands when you overload it and that is when you feel full. Of course, at that point you are actually overfull—stretched out. Overtime, your stomach will shrink again if you fast or eat smaller portions. Be careful of big plates. Too much room means too much food. Try using a salad plate for your main dish. 3. Drink and Be Merry. True. But take most of your liquids on the front end of the meal so as not to dilute stomach enzymes. Sip small amounts of liquids during the meal enough to lubricate the stomach contents. Try to avoid icy drinks. Ice numbs the stomach and turns off the flow for digestive juices. While you’re at it, skip the sodas. Mainstream sodas are full of sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors. They’re basically liquid junk food. 4. Slow Down. Chew More. Eating slowly relaxes your stomach which in turn increases the secretion of digestive juices. Chewing until the food in your mouth is nearly liquid (chyme) improves digestion and reduces your stomach workload. 5. Go Light on the Carbs. You know....breads, cakes, cookies, pies, pasta, pizza, chips, crackers, etc. These foods fill you up fast but don’t provide much nutrition. Take special care with sweets as they overtax your body’s ability to regulate insulin and can stimulate the production of unfriendly bacteria. 6. Break the Overeating Cycle. Here’s where the addictive nature of eating plays its devilish hand. Once you’re in the groove, it’s hard to stop. That’s when you need to get up from the table. Visit the bathroom even if you don’t need to go. While you’re there, rinse out your mouth, suck on a mint, even brush your teeth or use some mouthwash. The cleansing of the palate shuts down the sensory neurons on the tongue (tastebuds) and stops the transmission of electrical impulses to the brain. Basically, you’re shutting down the tongue-brain-stomach response. At that point, discipline is easy. Even if you just stand up and stretch or get some fresh air, that might be enough to break the overeating cycle. If that doesn’t work, start doing the dishes. 7. Pre-Dinner Stomach Prep. Some fresh air and a few deep breaths before you start eating adds more oxygen to light your furnace. Add some stretches and you’ll be amazed how a little blood circulation and oxygen enhance digestion. While you’re at it, bring a few digestive enzymes with you and take them with your drinks before the (solid food) meal. Water and enzymes help cleanse and prep your stomach for the big tsunami. It’s like cleaning your house in preparation for your guests. 8. Choose. You Can’t Eat Everything. The big smorgasbord of foods, appetizers, desserts, breads, dips, sauces, etc. is a huge temptation. Even the most strict amongst us could start to feel like a kid in a candy store. But if you are prepared for this Disneyland effect, you could easily control it. Remember, your stomach is not a cement mixer. You can’t eat everything. Preview the array of foods and decide what to touch and what to leave alone. Think of it like money and be frugal. You only have so many digestive credits to spend before you start running deficits. Don’t bankrupt your system! 9. Stimulate Digestion. Bitter herbs. Good digestion is fundamental to good health and a good practice is to add supplemental enzymes or bitter herbs at the end of your meal. This is not an excuse to overeat, but it will help. Like snow tires—they don’t turn your car into a snow plow, but they will keep you going straight down the road. Two popular vegetarian enzymes are bromelain (derived from pineapples) and papain (from papaya). And bitter herbs have been used in Europe for generations. While not enzymes themselves, they stimulate the secretion of our own enzymes. Some popular ones are cinnamon, ginger, anise, fennel, goldenseal, dandelion, and gentian root. Chewing on a cinnamon stick is fun and it tastes good too! 10. Exercise to Eat More. Athletes prepare for a marathon. They don’t just show up and start running. You need to get in shape too, if you don’t want your big feast to turn into a big funk. In other words....if you have the urge to splurge, then you need to be buff for your bash. Active people can eat more without the same penalty. Aerobic exercise increases oxygen levels in the blood and lungs which in turn enhances enzyme production and waste removal. Running, biking, dancing, trampoline and treadmill are all ideal to help you get in shape for the big meal. Exercising to a sweat on a regular basis increases metabolism which means you’ll digest your food faster. So, get in shape for the big meal if you want to eat more of it. But don’t pig out! Being decadent is not a path to happiness. Derive pleasure from people not food. What if you Overdo it? Okay. Let’s say you forgot to bring this newsletter to the party and everything went wrong. Well, the new year is a great time to start a cleanse. Let’s face it. Not everything we stick in our stomachs is worth keeping. Americans are famous for taking better care of our cars than we do of ourselves. You clean your car, you clean your yard, you clean your house, why not clean your inner house? Even houses, which have septic tanks, need a clean-out every couple of years. But people? We just get by, right. Wrong! We need to clean out, too! Yet fasting is a foreign concept even though it goes way back in history. Socrates, Buddha, and Jesus all fasted and all the major religions practice some fasting. But it is completely foreign to our modern society. Since we eat multiple times per day, every couple of hours, the concept of NOT eating can seem impossible. In actuality, it’s quite natural. After the first 2-3 days, the nagging call of your digestive secretions stop and your “hunger” disappears. Now you’re on “nature’s operating table.” Cleansing is the opposite side of eating. Yin needs yang. Juice fasting makes fasting manageable even for folks who need to work and cleanse at the same time.
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