Day 7 - Written on day 8

I did a lot of paper writing for school last night and was too tired to write anymore so my apologies for missing the day yesterday. Yesterday was a really good day and I went to bed feeling grateful for a lot. Here were the highlights:

1) despite getting very little sleep the night before, I had a very productive day and I felt really good in my body. I'm not sure why it is so, but it doesn't matter. I was very grateful to be able to function

2) I met with 3 inspiring women who are creating in their hearts some pretty magical lives. We met with the intention to help each other with support and to keep each other accountable. It was a really nice hour in the morning.

3) Work moved along very fluidly and while the cafe traffic was slow, I was able to get other things done and move along to another item without getting my focus broken.

4) We received 7100+ yards of fabric! We've been waiting for this for nearly 2 months or more and this past week we were under the impression we'd get it on Wednesday, then Thursday, so to get it on Friday was great!.

5) It was excellent to see all that fabric but to move it around felt great, too. This was over 3 tons of fabric and the physical activity of this felt very satisfying to move around. I did it without tweaking my back or hips so for that, I'm extremely grateful. I'm also very happy and thankful for the 3 people that work with us that helped lug the fabric rolls, too: Mary, Meg and Cat.

6) My body has felt very fed this week as well as relaxed but alert and able to be productive. Winning combination for me.

7) I was able to get 3 papers written and posted last night for 2 classes.

8) Also very grateful for the chocolate samples that Katrina from Liberty Chocolates left for us! All 7 or 8 of us plus customers really enjoyed them!

So all-in-all, an extremely fruitful day. My kids had a good day, too. Matt got the most exercise moving the heavier rolls of fabric but we all got sweaty which was great.

This morning begins with the juice from a young coconut. I'm not very hungry yet and don't want to eat just because it's time to eat. The juice is hella refreshing though.

That's my story from yesterday. Many blessings to us all for a great day today!


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