About Vermont Fiddle Heads


In 2006, we started our filtering bag business by making the rectangle bags – they are the standard size nut/seed milk bag. We tested and perfected our bags with our first wholesale customer (trained commercial chefs), so we feel we make the best bags out there. We were then asked if we could make a larger bag for some wholesale customers so we made the square bag. These bags are great because they give you the best of both worlds – ample space for sprouting and lots of room for making any recipe you desire. Beer makers, tempeh makers, kombucha and other fermented product makers really like the square size (and they prefer the hemp material). We’ve made bags for apple press machines and HUGE bags for ice cream makers and big sprouting endeavors. Even carpenters have purchased our nylon bags because we have better filtering for their equipment than what you can get at the hardware stores!

A few years ago, we were asked if we would make a funnel-shaped bag that would be less material to have to deal with for squeezing out the liquid but large enough to hold the liquid – so we make the rectangle and the square into v-shapes (the square v-shape by special request). Our sewing queens are happy to do custom and standard sizes! Most recently, we were asked to make the oval bag and we make it in two sizes and then got into coffee filters of various shapes/sizes!

We love that our product list has grown at the request of our customers! We feel that anyone and everyone would find what they are looking for.

We are honored to use our labels or have companies use their own branding for our bags.

All our bags are lovingly