Care & Use of our Hemp Filtering Bags


OK, so you’ve just purchased our wonderful, high-quality, heavy-duty nut milk bag that has been lovingly made in Vermont. On this page, you’ll find information on the care of this product, tips & recipes for making nut or seed milk! woo-hoo!

How to care for this nut milk bag:

Before you first use this bag, we recommend you put a teeny drop of biodegradable dish soap on it & wash it under the tap. Rinse it really well & then hang it to dry.

After each use of this nut milk/sprouting/juicing bag, turn the bag inside out over a bowl emptying the contents into that bowl & then wash the bag with tap water and rinse it out well. It’s your choice if you want to wash with dish soap again and if you do, just a TINY drop will do the trick. Hang to dry. If at any time you’d like to “bleach” this nut milk bag, feel free to soak in some hydrogen peroxide & water for a few minutes and then vigorously rinse under the tap. Hang to dry.