iFully tee shirts - what does it mean?

So we just got the new iFully tee shirts in and I immediately put one on. I love them. The feel of the fabric is wonderful. Lightweight, organic cotton tees with low-impact dyes. Happy tee shirts! I was having fun trying to create a fun graphic for long sleeve tee shirts and for mens shirts as well (more pictures up soon, I promise!) I've got a few ideas that I'll play with for future tee shirts but this one was the best choice to begin with.

iFully. What does it mean? iFully - I love all it's i-whatevers that have come out in the internet world. People have been playing with the phrases and I wanted to play too. While I was away on my 2 week class in November, I kept hearing the teachers talking about Fully this and Fully that. I started thinking about how much I use the word myself - not just for talking to friends or whatever but how wonderful the word is. I am and want to be: Fully awake Fully alive Fully healthy Fully in my body Fully loving my time here on this earth Fully loving myself and others Fully caring for my environment Fully at peace Fully whole So it was a no brainer to make a shirt and say iFully. I'm so stoked about this shirt. Fully!

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