in japan, apparently folks like to take pictures of their food

Hi there! I'm at the cafe right now. Just had 2 guests come in and ordered a RAWsome wrap each to go. I tell you, it is a delight to make food for people. When these two people looked at the food, their comments on how it looked was so great to see/hear. The younger man said, "In Japan, people like to take photos of their food and if they saw this, they'd definitely like to take a picture of it." His dad laughed and said he gets so many photos of food more than anything from his son's travels! So I gave the younger man my camera and said, "Have at it!" And he took 2 photos: 1 with a flash and 1 without.
You know, you just can't get this kind of fun in a boxed lunch or the grab and go section! You know what I'm saying? I love this!

Eat your colors, home brews!

Love you,


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