Leaving now - full of good memories and times with family

We're on our way home - hoping that we manage through the weather OK. we had a really nice time with family and I got to see an old friend ALL by myself for a fun girl's night out! Not bad for 4 days. I saw my aunt from Washington state - she came here along with other relatives from around NJ and CT for a memorial for my aunt that died last month. It really was a nice memorial service for my aunt Lynne. I couldn't say anything because I was crying the whole time. I saw my uncle - the only boy on my mom's side. He looks SOOOOOO much like my grandfather. It's so cool. I heard lots of stories - some I've heard before and some that were new. It was just really nice to be with everyone and it's too bad that it takes a funeral to get us together...

OK, I'm heading out. More later.

Love and hugs,


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