listen up! a recent interview by Amy Lynn of Holistic Pilgrimage!


Amy Lynn interviews Linda Mahns about her own personal raw food path and business journey with VT Fiddle Heads, the former cafe and current online store supplied with her own hemp and nylon mesh strainer bags for making nut milks, juices, coffee, tea, sprouting, and other uses. We compare the raw food movement in Vermont in the last 10 years and how requesting raw food items at health markets and coops in the past lead to the selection we have today in Vermont. We also discuss her new pursuits in helping others to live their own juicy life and her future hopes for VT Fiddle Heads.

Linda's notes: Amy Lynn did a great job of interviewing and editing. It has been a LONG time since I had an interview done and it has turned into a catalyst for us to begin a raw vegan potluck again: and the FB page: So be on the lookout for new and fun things! Thank you, Amy Lynn, for your interest in VT Fiddle Heads and for your own passions! May we have fun with these potlucks, events and other fun things in our immediate future! xoxoxo


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