Monday's Meditation

I forgot to post on Monday's meditation!

I had a really interesting time noticing thoughts. Again, there was about 1000 going on at once it seemed. (OK, exaggerating) and I still remained OK in just noticing, not evaluating or judging. My mind felt pretty floaty and so, staying in my body, resting in the breath seemed a challenge. A challenge to stay focused. But I kept going on and brought awareness to my body and the surroundings. I was actually grateful to hear sounds because it helped to bring me back to center more than my breath.

I kept the intention to carry with me mindfulness and non-judgment throughout the day.

I read about 75 pages of Radical Acceptance and also finished watching the 4 hour 37 minute video from Tara Brach for class. It was a long video and helpful. I tended to like Jack Kornfield's more simplistic approach. It helped me a whole lot more. I tend not to need all the stories that Tara tells, nor do I need to be made aware of all the paradoxes of meditation - very confusing. I prefer to know what to do simply and practice that. Still, it is an interesting read. It's funny though - the stories are nice but distracting and sort of remind me of how the mind works anyway - getting us distracted. I wondered how incredibly short Tara's book would be if she just kept to the practice and left the stories out. :-) Just an interesting observation.

The day went by pretty well. I was more aware of how my thoughts lead to emotional triggers and charges in my body. Being mindful and saying, "I see you!" to whatever sprang up was very good.

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