Oops! Forgot to write yesterday!

So the "program" continues for me. I'm committed to 8 more weeks at least in order to get things back on the track that I like them to be.

I had a great day yesterday - I had 6 hours of ME time. How sweet is that. I don't get them often. In the morning I got up and made a juice:

1 pineapple
4 oranges
a bunch collards
1/3 cuke

The pineapple and oranges made about a quart of juice so I took about half that and added it to the greens and drank that down. I took the remainder fruit juice and put it in a blender and pre-made a smoothie:

16 oz fruit juice from above
1 banana
1 cup frozen local blueberries
heaps and heaps of baby spinach
vitamineral green
rice protein powder

this made another quart of smoothie and I drank that down a bit later. Then I put some water in a jar and went to a 3-hour yoga workshop with Lauren Walker. This was an energy medicine yoga workshop - the first of its kind, I think. I had not taken a class with Lauren before and found the class very fun. She's relaxed and funny and gets into her work. She's good at demonstrating and speaking the steps of what to do and why to do it. The 3 hours flew by and I was very grateful for that.

I went home and immediately went to the cafe where 3 friends of mine were meeting to have our weekly support/dream group. We each shared and supported one another for 2 hours. I'm very grateful for this group of women.

It was a little after 6 when I got home and I remarked to myself how I feel when I do these things for myself. They are so needed and necessary - I feel so great when I do them. i have plenty of opportunities to do these kinds of things but I don't do them so much. WHY? I'll have to work on that.

got home and heated up leftovers from last night for dinner. (see yesterday's post for that.) Again, it was heavenly eating this and feeling grateful for it. I also had 2 spoonfuls of raw cheezecake for dessert. That tasted creamy and smooth and delicious.

we had an evening of old X-files shows and then Avengers, a great movie. I had my dog on my lap as I contentedly sat with my family. It was very nice.

I got to bed really late and woke up 7+ hours later. I feel quite good. I said my morning prayers/intentions and am now going to begin my day. More later.

all love,

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