Read this today and want to remember it, it's called "never mind?"

I read this under the daily guides of the Science of Mind magazine. I absolutely loved it and wanted to type it out so I can remember it. I hope it's okay to quote this page and if I knew who the author was, I'd write them and say THANK YOU! This is a great magazine full of things to help shift mind, body and spirit. I won't keep the magazine when I'm done because I want to keep the clutter at bay but this one is a real gem so here goes:
"If you say something is not possible, what you are really saying is 'I don't want it.' " Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
"I was listening to an online program by the Indian mystic Sadhguru when he dropped the 'bomb' above. It really rattled me. This quote set me to thinking of those things that I'm telling the Universe I don't want. "Let's start with the bigger items. World peace? People have been warring on our planet for thousands of years. Peace seems impossible. But do I want it? Oh yes, so I'd better change my outlook. An end to hunger and child abuse? This seems impossible, too, because it appears that there will always be those seeking to take advantage of others. But I do want to see these things end, so I'd better change my outlook. "Let's look closer to home. A job you love? 'That will never happen' means 'I don't want it.' Perfect health? That may seem impossible due to current physical issues, an unwillingness to exercise or eat properly, an addiction, or any number of factors. But if you want it, then don't kill your chances by thinking that it is impossible. Loving relationships? If you think yourself as unworthy of these, that no one could love you, then you are telling the Universe not to bother, you don't want love anyway. "This quote by Sadhguru is another way of emphasizing that the Universe is constantly giving to us, and we are the ones blocking the flow by saying, 'Never mind. I don't really want that.' What good are you withholding from yourself?"
Isn't that amazing?! I am going to reflect on this a while today. I love thinking about this in this new way. I wonder how much I have said to myself, "Oh, that'll never happen." Wow. I had no idea what I was doing! I'm so grateful that I found this little pocket magazine full of juicy tidbits to help me daily stay connected with the Divine within me. They have daily affirmations to reflect on as well as a thought-inspiring message plus articles in the front of the magazine which are always good reads and very helpful to guide one on their journey.
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