today's eats

Today I ate buckets o'veggies. I couldn't even finish them. How nice.

for breakfast and part of lunch: 64 oz green smoothie: banana, local blueberries, a whole bunch of collards, VM green, e3 live, rice protein powder, hemp milk and water.

for lunch a decent size salad with baby spinach, radish sprouts, nori, dulse, a couple pieces of marinated eggplant "bacon", raw marinara and 5 flax crackers that I broke into the salad. yum

drank nearly 2 quarts of water throughout the day

dinner was a bunch of brussels sprouts and cooked broccoli, about 1 oz of radish greens, 1 oz of mixed green sprouts, hummus, 3/4 cup rice. I ate all the veggies and got down to the rice and was pretty darn stuffed.

*yawn* sleepy now. good night,



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