week 2 at the cafe!

Hello Good People! Week 2 of our cafe opening! It was a lovely week last week. I have a couple fun pictures below. This week the hours are a bit shorter because of the holiday at the end of the week.  Some of what's on the menu this week: • Chocolate green smoothie - this was a hit this past week. I'm sneaking the greens this week. • Pink Smoothie - the 2nd top hit for smoothies this week • Get Your Greens Juice • Pear and Ginger Cheezecake by the slice with a chocolate walnut crust • Chocolate & Superfood Truffles • Raw Fudge • Kefir Soda • Hot Herbal Elixirs & Superfood Concoctions We are stocked with all the things we personally love and use (we only sell what we use and love.) This is a healthy food store so expect all things to uplift you, help you feel good, and (hopefully) inspire you. We have artsy-fartsy stuff, books, DVDs, incense, bulk medicinal and culinary herbs, super foods, bulk nuts/seeds, appliances, beauty products (only that I love and use), tinctures, remedies, candles, a small section for household products, soaps, essential oils, our LOVELY and very happy, organic t-shirts, and much more. Of COURSE we have our variety of nut milk filtering bags and reusable tea bags for sale here! Now for the pictures:
We had a super nice visit with my dad and step mom this week to go along with our opening! We've been promising my step mom a ride on the back of Matt's bike for a while and here she is finally taking it! She hasn't been on a motorcycle she said for 50 years! You Go Gwynne!!
Here is Gwynne sampling the gorgeous Pacifica lotions...
We took a trip to Shelburne museum. it was a really wonderful visit and my favorite thing there was the apothecary store. Hmm... Go figure! :-)
At the front of the Fidde Heads Cafe! Yes, we're open! FINALLY!!! :-)
Come in - get yourself something hella good to eat/drink and soak in the sunshine of the place. I'll post up more pictures next week. I wanted to send a great big thank you to my dad and step mom for being my models this week!
NEED A NUT MILK BAG? Get your wholesale/retail nut milk bags here. Check out our hemp and nylon filtering bags. GREAT NEWS! We now have 100% compostable bags to package our bags in! As you know, it is our mission to be a sustainable company and that's not just for our business sales, but for our business practices, meaning our packaging and shipping materials.
NEED SOME HOW-TO's? http://www.vt-fiddle.com/rawfood/how_to_make_nut_milk.php - at the top of the page, you'll see links to do various things with your nut milk bag and VitaMix. Recipes included! YAY!

Thank you for your RAWsome visits to our store! Please contact me for information or other raw goodies (both bulk and prepared.) Happy Halloween, Day of the Dead, & Samhain, Linda


Please check out our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Worcester-VT/Vermont-Fiddle-Heads/63781489465?ref=nf - Become a fan and check out photos, events and notes. MM-kay? P.S. Keep checking back on the shop. Adding products as we speak! http://vt-fiddle.com/shop/ P.P.S. Need some bulk food items? Or great reading/educational material? Hella awesome skincare products? We've got: Healing Cancer from the Inside Out DVD, Pacifica Perfume Products, Candles and Lotions, WiseWays Herbals, Sea Chi skincare, The China Study book, Joel Fuhrman books and audio, heavy duty dehydrators, new products by Health Force Nutritionals, really raw oats, raw nori sheets, chia seeds, turkish mulberries, wasabi powder, kelp noodles, dandelion leek miso by south river, garlic red pepper miso by south river, Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe, Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie, Sun Warrior Biofermented Rice Protein powder (in natural and chocolate flavors), marine phytoplankton, lucuma powder, yacon slices, really raw cashews, artisana coconut butter and goji berries. Please contact me if you are interested in getting any of these items. With everything we sell, items can be picked up or I can mail them to you.

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