Information on Brian Clement and this Saturday's Farmer's Market

Hello Good Fiddle Heads People!

Hello there! We received really wonderful feedback to my last newsletter - thank you! So many helpful answers to the question of which topic to choose for Brian Clement. I was hoping there would be a thread of continuity and what showed the most was that everyone said that no matter what was chosen, it would be an excellent and interesting talk. So we chose a topic based on many things that you said to us and we hope we made the right choice. It was a difficult decision to make with all the great topic choices! I'm very interested to hear what Brian presents. I'm confident it will be extremely informative and something you won't want to miss. This is going to be his only talk in VT this year.

So here's the details: We have an excellent opportunity to have Brian Clement, the director of Hippocrates Health Institute, here with us for an evening with a short book signing at the end. (I'm excited to have his books here too!)

Here's the topic we chose:

Sometimes, the more you try to find the right foods, the more confused you get. Should I food combine? What about raw? Cooked or un-cooked? Eat organic or vegan? What about alkaline foods and the ph SCALE? What’s the deal with sugar? Should I juice? Stop the mystery and get the facts! Obtain solid information about enzymes, living foods, anti-oxidents, disease prevention, and what really strengthens your immune system. Learn how to increase energy, strength, endurance, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It’s time to eat right…. NAKED OF COURSE”

Thank you again for your help and I look forward to seeing you on the 26th of Sept if not sooner...

And speaking of the possibility of seeing you sooner... I'm going to be doing the Montpelier Farmer's Market this Saturday. It's the first market so it will be fun to see how this all works. Please stop by for some raw food snacks, for some food to eat and/or drinks. And also stop by to give me a hug and some support. It will be fun to try this out and it will certainly be great to be a part of the market this week.
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